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From first impressions to family photos, nothing satisfies like a big bright smile. We offer a number of procedures and products that can help you to improve your smile for years to come. Not all types of discoloration can be treated with whitening. For example, yellow-ish teeth will likely lighten well, while light-brown teeth may lighten less, and gray-ish teeth may not lighten well. As part of our evaluation process we can determine whether whitening procedures and products will work for your smile.

Dental work that has involved ceramic or composite restorations that are visible, e.g. in the front teeth, will not react to whitening agents. As such they would be distinctly different in color from the whitened parts of the natural tooth. In situations like these a porcelain veneer or resin bonding may be a better option for lightening the shades of these teeth. Teeth whitening candidates have several options available.

Zoom in office whitening with take-home trays
  • Immediate change
  • Gel does not touch the gums, and is not ingested
  • Teeth can be sensitive to the strong whitening agent
  • Custom fitted trays are made for touch ups at home
Take-home trays only
  • Takes 2 to 4 weeks for visible results depending on desired outcome
  • You control the frequency of use
  • Includes 6 whitening gel syringes
  • Custom fitted trays are made in the office
Repeated Whitening
  • Following in-office or take-home tray whitening
  • 1 touch-up gel syringe is available at each hygiene appointment, up to 4 a year

Actual Patient Results

Zoom Whitening Pens
  • A simple means to touch-up whitening between treatments